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Maitland City Council Partners with REACH Homeless Services to Strengthen Maitland's Food Assistance

Maitland City Council is proud to announce its partnership with REACH Homeless Services, effectively closing a gap in providing emergency food services to those in need in Maitland on Saturdays.


REACH, a highly respected organisation committed to providing crucial support to individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, will set up in the Maitland City Library car park (480 High Street, Maitland) on Saturdays between 7.00pm and 9.00pm starting Saturday 19 August.

Previously, no food services provision was available on a Saturday night, with existing providers in Maitland's Food Assistance Network operating at capacity and unable to expand their service.

Maitland Mayor Philip Penfold is proud of the collaborative effort as it 'closes a recognised gap and marks a significant milestone in expanding the Maitland Food Assistance Network by improving access to essential aid to those in need in our community.'

Dedicated volunteers from REACH Homeless Services will provide a welcoming space, offering nourishing meals, beverages, hygiene packs, warm clothing, and blankets to vulnerable community members.

'We're pleased that individuals will have access to nourishment, safety, and essential assistance throughout the week and encourage any community member experiencing hardship to access this service, or any other provided by the many wonderful groups and programs within the Food Assistance Network' said Mayor Penfold.

Details about the Maitland Food Assistance Network and the local services providing crucial emergency food support are available at

Community members interested in making a meaningful impact or for opportunities to contribute or volunteer can reach out directly to service providers.



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