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Cathmish Succulents & Such

Catherine Dixon is the proud 'stay-at-home' Mum of two wonderful young men, and since stopping work 20+ years ago, she has worked from home, 'making and selling'.


Putting her passion for plants and gardening into practice, and with the support of family and friends, Catherine has created the very lush Cathmish Succulents & Such and is a regular at Handmade in the Hunter Markets.

We love the name of your stall - please tell us what it means and how you came up with it.

My business name is Cathmish Succulents & Such. The Cathmish part comes from the fact that my name is Catherine Michele, and my Mum often called me Cathmish. So, it just felt like a natural choice for my Business name. I just altered the 'c' of Michele to an 's' for phonetics. The second part suggests that I offer succulents, but not exclusively, which I felt was important.

How long have you been running Cathmish Succulents & Such - and how did you start off?

I have been selling my succulents and plants at Handmade in the Hunter Markets since December 2020. I previously made sensory products designed for children on the Autistic Spectrum and sold them directly to schools, preschools and occupational therapy clinics. But, when Covid restrictions came into effect, I put that on hold and thought I might be able to put my passion for gardening to good use. Operating my backyard nursery allows me to work from home, which is fabulous, and also means I am still available to our two boys if needed.

Can you please tell us about your succulents – how many different varieties do you offer, and how do customers buy them (individually or potted together)?

I don't know exactly how many varieties of succulents and plants I have, as there are so many, but I usually have at least 50 varieties on offer at each market stall. Most of them are sold in individual plastic pots in a variety of sizes, but I also offer arrangements potted up in tubs and handmade timber planters.

Do you grow or source your succulents? Are succulents difficult to look after, and how should we look after them?

I propagate all of my own succulents and plants using a variety of methods, including leaf and stem cuttings. Most of the varieties I have and cultivate are ones that have proven quite hardy and easy to look after in our area. Some need more protection from the extremes in temperature that we experience here in our corner of the Hunter Valley.

Like most plants, not all succulents need the same conditions. It's important to know a little bit about the needs of each if they are to thrive. I have lots of chats with customers at the markets about the specific requirements of the plants they purchase, but the failsafe is that every plant I offer at the markets has a name tag, so if in doubt, Google!

What do you like most about Handmade in the Hunter Markets?

The opportunity of being involved with Handmade in the Hunter Markets has been invaluable to my business and I'm incredibly thankful to have been welcomed into such an inspiring group of truly talented and friendly fellow stallholders.


Handmade in the Hunter Market will be held at Sobels Wines from 9am until 2pm on Saturday,

24 September, and Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 October + Saturday 8 and 15 October.

For more information, visit



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