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Flavours Galore at Sabor Dessert Bar

Local couple Renata and Fernando Antao have delighted visitors (and a good many locals) with their decadent desserts and tasty treats straight from the kitchens of Sabor Dessert Bar for over ten years. This month we caught up with the dynamic duo to discover how the business has grown and what visitors can expect when they dine at Sabor Dessert Bar.


HVMAG: Hi Renata and Fernando, Can you please tell us a little about yourselves and also when and how you came to be in the Hunter Valley?

FERNANDO: Renata and I were Sydneysiders that loved holidaying in the Hunter Valley and did so several times a year. When we decided we wanted a tree change from Sydney's hustle and bustle, we couldn't think of anywhere else we'd rather move to. We owned a pizzeria in Sydney before wholesaling our Portuguese chocolate mousse (made with my grandmother's original recipe) throughout greater Sydney and Queensland. So we brought that with us to the Hunter as inspiration for Sabor Dessert Bar, which we opened in 2011. It's been over ten years since we moved to the Hunter, and we've never looked back.

Tell us a little about what's available at Sabor in the Hunter Dessert Bar. What types of delectable delights do you serve up?

With over 60 desserts on the menu, we try to accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements. We have Portuguese Tarts and Macarons for something small to have with your coffee, or we have our individually crafted desserts from your old favourites like Chocolate Mud, Lemon Meringue, Mars Bar and Snickers Cheesecakes, ice cream and waffles to more elaborate desserts like our Green Apple Royal, Lychee and Summerberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Crown (to name a few). All our desserts can also be paired with local wine, dessert wine, cider and much more or with a coffee made your way.

Do you have a favourite dessert? Can you tell us why it is your favourite and what we can expect to taste?

This is where Renata and I differ. When it comes to desserts, Renata prefers a dessert with fruitier flavours, whereas I love chocolate and caramel-based desserts. Renata's favourite is the Gluten-Free Lychee and Summerberry Cheesecake, and my favourite has to be our Flaming Chocolate and Caramel Brownie, both for the flavour and the dessert's theatrics. It's made with a chocolate brownie base, infused with dolce de Leite (Brazilian style caramel), served with salted caramel ice cream, strawberries and our housemade biscotti, served in a hot skillet. The server then pours whiskey over the hot brownie and sets it alight. Very dramatic!

It must be challenging for diners to choose just one dessert from the menu. Is there a way we can taste a few in one sitting (without sounding greedy!!)?

Yes! We have the SABOR tasting plate and the MEDLEY tasting plate. Both have a selection of 5 mini boutique desserts to savour. The Sabor tasting plate is more chocolate and caramel-based desserts, which includes our Biscoff Mousse, Sticky Date Pudding and Mini Black Forest, and yes, you guessed it, the Medley tasting plate has more of a fruitier selection, including Mini Lemon Meringue, Mini Green Apple and Chocolate Raspberry Dome.

Do you offer diners more savoury items or cater to dietary requirements?

We have a minimal savoury menu (which is still somewhat considered dessert), with plain and ham and swiss cheese croissants, housemade scones with jam and cream, raisin toast and a cheese platter for two. We know there are varying food allergies, and we do our best to cater to all, if not most, with a large selection of gluten-free desserts and a smaller selection of dairy-free, egg-free, vegetarian and vegan desserts. We also have a dedicated kids menu that is as much fun if not more than the adult's with our Oompa Loompa Sundaes and Willy Wonka Waffles – which are topped with smarties, marshmallows and popping candy. We also pride ourselves on having great coffee and teas.

For more information about Sabor, to book, or to purchase a gift certificate, visit



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