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Meet the Maker | Two Hoots Giftware

Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, Hunter Valley artist Sally Moffat began her artistic journey as a form of therapy for her fine motor skills.


Sally suffered through a massive ‘MS Flare’ that took out her vision, mobility, balance, speech and cognition all at the same time. Sadly, she also lost the ability to embrace her son. It was this alone that motivated her to find something that would help her to wrap her arms around him again.

Figuring that if she focused on strengthening her fine motor skills first, the rest would follow, Sally embarked on a journey that would see her become one of Australia’s most talented glass artists.

Sally’s journey is far from over, but she feels blessed to now be able to share her passion for Dotalism and Glass Artistry with the world and with the lucky visitors to Wine Country’s Handmade in the Hunter Markets. We caught up with Sally this month, and fair to say – we are completely in love with her work.

HVMAG: Can you tell us how your artworks are created? What materials do you use and why?

SALLY: All of my artworks are hand-painted on quality crystal glassware. I use a specialised French glass paint that, once properly cured, allows them to be baked and heat sealed. This process must be done to achieve maximum hardness and become dishwasher safe. The glasses are then washed, buffed, and gift boxed.

How long does it take to paint a piece of glassware?

This depends on the design and intricacy of the pattern I am creating. Most of my artworks are crafted over many days, as several layers of paint are required to produce the three-dimensional textured effect. With 24 hours of curing time between each layer, each piece takes approximately five days to complete.

What is your ‘top-seller’?

My latest collection, The Australian Ghost Gums, is very popular with visitors to the Hunter Valley, and my Duchess Collection is also a favourite with bridal parties.

What do you like most about Handmade in the Hunter Markets?

The people, the atmosphere, the location, and the laughter!

Visit Handmade in the Hunter Markets at Sobels Wines on Broke Rd at Pokolbin. Check out



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