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Meet the Maker: Classy Coolers

The Hunter is known for its premium wines and growing range of craft ales – but one local woman is hoping to extend that reputation to the items helping keep our top drops cool.


Debbie Baxter is the creative force behind Classy Coolers, a locally based business that sells stylishly designed and handcrafted drinkcoolers. Whether you’re looking for a solution to keep your bottle of beer cold or a unique way to set your wine glass apart from the crowd, Classy Coolers have got you (and your drink) covered.

While the business has been around for quite a while, Debbie took over the reins two years ago while looking for a home-based source of income.“I bought the business off my friend in 2016, and I started selling Classy Coolers at the beginning of 2017, but Classy Coolers were a part of the Handmade in the Hunter Market for a few years prior,” Debbie said.

“My illness doesn’t allow me to hold a five day a week job sadly and I wanted to have something I could do from home. I make everything myself, and I have also added quite a few new designs to the range, including a wine glass cooler I designed.”

A far cry from the novelty stubby holders gathering dust in eskies and garages across the country, Classy Coolers are championed as serving “the stylish women of the world”, offering affordable, designer coolers in a range of patterns and styles.

Aside from the typical can coolers, the range also includes products specially designed to slip over wine glasses and champagne flutes, as well as an oversized option that can perfectly accommodate a standard wine bottle.Gift sets are also available with matching wine bottle and wine glass coolers, which make a perfect present for those who enjoy tasting the fruits of the Hunter Valley’s vines.

Patterns range from a dramatic black and white damask to a pretty pale paisley design, as well as feathers, flowers, peacocks, leopard prints and more, with diamante details adding a special final touch.

“I design all my own designs now, and I’m 100 per cent hands-on as I make all my products. I wanted to create a classy cooler for the ladies, and I love bling, so I added bling to my designs,” Debbie said.

“I design them, tape and glue them, sew them and most importantly I bling them. I do this all myself; I have no help from anyone. My coolers are special because they're made with love, and they’re all my favourites as each one has a different purpose. I do have a few new designs up my sleeve, but I’m keeping a lid on those till I’m ready to release them.”

You can check out Debbie’s handiwork at the Handmade in the Hunter Markets.■

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