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Two Cheeses to Turn you into an Un-Brie-Lievable Dinner Host

Knowing just the right cheeses to put onto a cheese board to cap off your next dinner party doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to these two beauties from Two Fat Blokes.


Two Fat Blokes Sundried Tomato and Garlic Labna

This creamy ball of deliciousness is just magic - a taste sensation. Labna is made by straining yoghurt to produce a soft, creamy cheese that then is rolled into balls (of deliciousness) and preserved in jars of oil with various and optional flavours.

Not just spread on a wafer cracker (the experience is about the cheese, not the cracker guys, the cracker is just a vessel so that you don’t look like a crazed monster wildly stuffing cheese into your mouth with your bare hands), but Labna also has many, many other uses. Put it through a pasta sauce, toss some through a salad, make your mac and cheese just a little ‘extra’, or stir some through a soup. Labna has a lot of ways to make you love it.

Tangy, but also smooth and creamy, Labna is a really unique cheese that will delight lovers of soft cheese at any dinner party.


Caramelised Onion Cheddar

This cheese is a piece of art. You know those people that you talk to, and they make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room? They’re just so genuinely lovely that they make you question what traumatic experience you must have repressed that stops you from also being that lovely? This cheese is that person, but without the guilt, you inevitably experience after realising you’ve been talking about yourself for 45 minutes.

It’s delicate but also bold. It’s sweet thanks to the caramelised onions, but tart and sharp thanks to the cheddar. It’s a good level of crumbly, enough to give it a nice texture, but not so much that you leave the dinner party wondering how much of it is going to fall out of your clothing before you go for a shower later.

The fun thing about this guy is that the longer you leave him out of the fridge, the sweeter he becomes. The cold brings out the cheddar taste, but as you mellow it out, the caramelised onion starts to shine through even more.

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