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A Commitment to Quality Aged Wines

It's a fortunate person who can pursue a personal passion and work in a profession they are passionate about. But for ex-jockey turned winemaker David Fromberg, being able to follow and work with his two passions – training racehorses and winemaking is as good as it gets.


As a winemaker passionate about creating wines, David opened his cellar door for his Running Horse Wines label in 2018 - almost two decades after he first planted vines on his family's 56-acre property at Broke.

Running Horse Wines is located within the picturesque surrounds of the Broke Fordwich region. It has been created to allow visitors to appreciate fine wines while taking in the beautiful and expansive views and really is something special.

Designed by his friend and architect David Kaunitz, the cellar door has been constructed using six elevated shipping containers that have been artfully repurposed with extensive use of glass to open them up to the surrounding landscape overlooking the iconic Yellow Rock Escarpment.

The design makes the most of the tapestry of views surrounding the complex, with the cellar door orientated to showcase the distant mountains. Massive sandstone boulders seem to anchor the weathered steel buildings into the natural environment.

The interior is equally as impressive with timber, glass, copper and steel featuring prominently, with a mass display of wine bottles creating an eye-catching feature along one wall. The true centrepiece of the space, however, is the gleaming glass-topped bar, which incorporates a series of light panels that help to showcase the colour and clarity of the wine being tasted.

What's most impressive about Running Horse Wines, however, is what’s in the bottles. David is one of the few vignerons in the region specifically producing aged wines, with his range including varieties of Semillon, Verdelho, Rose and Shiraz.

"With Australia making "drink now" wines of exceptional quality, the finer and more impressive aged wines have taken a back seat," says David.

"At the Running Horse cellar door, we bring them to the forefront - offering vertical tastings of wines that are 12-years-old and are still drinking wonderfully but have real bottle-aged characters coming through."

Davids's philosophy is simply the recognition of one of the fundamentals of quality.

"Quality rarely comes in large volume, and in the making of wine - it is the commitment to quality that will invariably limit production," says David.

"Running Horse Wines embrace unique viticulture methods based on allowing the land and the vines to form a partnership based on their natural capabilities. Intercession with the process is based on constant care with minimum interference in the growing process. This approach produces quality wines with unique characteristics that are special to the region in which they are grown."

Running Horse produces an exceptional range of wines, including Semillon, Verdelho, Rose and Shiraz. Why not take the opportunity to visit Running Horse Wines and find out for yourself. Call 0474-156-786 and book your spot on the tasting table.



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