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A Passion for Horses, Wine, and Life's Pleasures | Saddler's Creek Wines

saddlers creek
Source: Destination NSW

In 1990, two friends with a shared love for fine wine and a deep appreciation for horses established Saddler's Creek Wines. Over time, the winery gained a reputation for producing outstanding, full-bodied red wines, and the Bluegrass label emerged as a highly acclaimed iconic wine and Saddler's Creek's signature brand.


One such wine enthusiast, Frank Laureti, was introduced to the Bluegrass Cabernet Sauvignon through a friend and subsequently became a Saddler's CLUB EQUUS member for over a decade, revelling in the exceptional wines. When Saddler's Creek Wines came up for sale in 2014, Frank seized the opportunity in what he describes as a "Victor Kiam moment" and purchased the winery, lock, stock, and barrel!

Fueled by his infectious enthusiasm, Frank's wife Wendy and brother Serge joined him as partners in this new venture. As Frank candidly admits, "Buying into the wine business was a romantic notion, but you do some things for work and some things to live... friends, food, and wine are among life's great pleasures."

Today, Saddler's Creek Wines remains a boutique, proudly family owned operation specializing in crafting premium-quality wines. Their wines stand out from the vast majority of products available, inviting wine lovers to experience a truly exceptional tasting experience at their Pokolbin Cellar Door.

Visitors can indulge in seasonal tasting food and wine journeys, attend regular themed masterclasses to enhance their wine knowledge or savour the delicious seasonal menu curated to complement the wine flights from the on-site food van.

For a more relaxed experience, "Weekends at Saddler's" beckons guests to unwind in the wine garden on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, accompanied by local live acoustic music and delectable food pairings from local ‘celebrity’ Chef Matt Dillow.

Saddler's Creek Wines also offers a picturesque picnic ground with tables, BBQ facilities, and stunning views of the Brokenback Range. Book a picnic pod and let the Saddler's team curate a unique and special gathering, from intimate proposals to milestone birthday celebrations. The wine garden and picnic grounds are family and pet-friendly, inviting you to embrace life's pleasures amidst the beauty of the Hunter Valley. For more information, visit



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