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Family Traditions and Boutique Delights at Tintilla Estate


In the heart of the Hunter Valley's wine country lies Tintilla Estate, a 25-hectare gem where family traditions and boutique delicacies converge.


When it comes to boutique vineyards, family is often the lifeblood of the operation. From growing the grapes and making the wine to serving in the cellar door to managing the books, it’s usually all hands on deck at a family-owned and run winery.

Tintilla is no different, and for over 30 years, this picturesque vineyard, winery, and olive grove has been a labour of love for the Lusby family, producing award-winning wines and olive products.

Established in 1994 by Sydney-based vascular surgeon Robert Lusby, Tintilla Estate draws inspiration from the Old World, with its name paying homage to the ancient term for red wine used in 17th-century Bordeaux. The winery's cellar door exudes a warm, family-like ambience that keeps visitors returning.

At Tintilla, guests can savour the estate's distinctive, single-vineyard wines and olive products while taking in breathtaking views of rolling vineyards and olive groves. The tasting room invites visitors to sip from large Riedel glasses and indulge in cheese platters paired with Tintilla's own condiments, creating a truly unique experience.

Olives are an integral part of Tintilla's legacy, with over 500 trees planted across the estate. Varieties include Spanish Manzanillo and Sevillano, as well as Verdale, Jumbo Kalamata, and the nutty Tuscan Frantoio. The olives have been handpicked, debittered, fermented, and bottled with traditional herbs and spices, and are available exclusively at the cellar door.

Beyond olives, Tintilla offers a diverse range of seasonal produce, from luscious chilli tomato relish and fig jams to caramelised vinegars and vincotto, a grape must elixir infused with orange zest, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The estate's orchard contributes to the ever-changing selection of jams and relishes, celebrating the region's bountiful flavours.

While the wines remain the main attraction, Tintilla Estate embodies the perfect blend of food, wine, and family. The Lusbys have created a thoughtful, boutique experience that reflects the traditions of the old world while embracing the tastes and flexibility of the new.

Open daily from 10:30AM to 6PM, Tintilla Estate welcomes visitors to explore its exceptional wines, olive products, and seasonal delicacies. Tastings and group experiences are available by booking online or via email, offering a chance to savour the essence of this family-run, awardwinning hidden gem in the Hunter Valley. For more information, visit



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