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Going NOLO - A Growing Trend

If you’ve noticed a trend toward drinkers reducing their alcohol consumption by drinking low or no alcohol options – you’re not wrong.


With many consumers looking to moderate their alcohol intake, the no and low alcohol (NOLO) market is growing in strength. It’s apparent already that this is more than just a passing trend and is a genuine change in consumer drinking habits.

Aiming to grab onto the coat-tails of this upwardly mobile trend, local brands Tempus Two and McGuigan have released a range of low and no-alcohol wine products.

Tempus Two Lighten Up

Tempus Two Lighten Up is a lower alcohol and reduced-calorie wine range. With a Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Pinot Noir, all 750ml with an ABV of 6.8% and light in alcohol content, these wines are not to be taken lightly.

Tempus Two Lighten Up doesn’t compromise quality or flavour; using the latest spinning cone technology to remove the alcohol at a lower temperature that is ‘gentler’ on the wine. This allows it to retain more varietal fruit character, aromatics and taste without needing to harvest the grapes before they are ripened to ensure low alcohol.

“Lighten Up is perfect for those who are looking to lighten their alcohol intake and reduce calories but still want to participate in the occasion. Enjoy a bottle at an afternoon picnic, long lunch, sporting event, birthday dinner or work function,” says Tempus Two winemaker Andrew Duff.

“It’s often perceived that lower alcohol wines lack depth; however, that’s not the case with Lighten Up. We’ve got over 20 years of experience developing this style of wine so consumers can feel confident they are getting a premium quality wine that’s full of flavour.”

For the environmentally focused, Lighten Up is produced with 100% of winery energy sourced from solar and wind power as well as 100% biodegradable paper stock used for the labels and recycled cartons.

McGuigan Zero

In 2019, McGuigan launched a range of alcohol-free wines responding to the global acceleration and market shift in consumer behaviour toward moderation of alcohol.

Owning and operating Australia’s most modern spinning cone column (SCC) technology, McGuigan has developed a signature method to control the process from vine to glass, gently extracting alcohol from wines explicitly crafted for its Zero range, thereby retaining the flavour and mouth feel of the world’s most popular wine varieties.

McGuigan Zero is a contemporary alcohol-free selection of Australia’s favourite wine varieties, just without the alcohol. With 0 standard drinks and less than 0.05% residual alcohol remaining in the wine, it is the perfect glass to reach when you want to go alcohol-free. Of course, there are other benefits to be enjoyed:

  • Lower calories – alcohol has calories in it; a 250ml glass of 12% alcohol wine can be around 210 calories, while a 250ml glass of McGuigan Zero Rosé Alcohol-Free is less than 55 calories;

  • Lower sugar – Zero Rosé has 38 grams per litre; significantly less than orange juice (88g/L) or Coke (106g/L). Zero refined sugar – the only sugars contained in Zero wines comes from the grapes - no refined sugar is added; and

  • Gluten-free – for those with an intolerance, no gluten products are used to make Zero wines.

Removing alcohol reduces the wine’s capacity to age, so to ensure it tastes exactly how the winemaker intended, it’s recommended that you drink it on or before the best before date specified on the label.

The Zero range caters to wine lovers that choose to take a break from alcohol, for whatever reason, but still want to enjoy their wine moment, offering full flavoured Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose, Shiraz, and Red Blend.



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