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Perfect Wines for Spring

Spring and Summer are the two favourite seasons of the year and certainly the best time to visit the Hunter Valley with the vines at their glorious best and the warmer weather ideal for spending more time outside and dining al fresco.


Rather than sticking to the same old favourites, changing the wine we drink with the seasons is an opportunity to experience a broader range of varietals and pairings. Think crisp, refreshing white wines, lighter, fruit and acid-driven dry or slightly off-dry whites served well chilled - wines that are also compatible with salads, shellfish, seafood, pasta, fresh cheese, anti-pasta and white meats.

To help you reach for the perfect bottle every time, we've compiled a selection of wines to get you through the season.

With its crisp, herbal edge and refreshing acidity, Sauvignon Blanc is a must-have in your white wine collection this Spring. It's an excellent wine for everyday drinking and gets a thumbs up from many wine drinkers.

With or without food, Hunter Valley Semillon is the wine to drink this Spring. Naturally low in alcohol, Hunter Semillon is the ideal partner for the season's lighter fish and seafood meals. When young, it's great with fresh oysters, cooked prawns and white-fleshed fish. With age, it is lovely when served with smoked trout or salmon, roast chicken, lobster with burnt butter and other flavoursome dishes.

With its fresh, tropical fruit characters, un-oaked style, and sheer drinkability, Australian Verdelho is very much the all-rounder and just perfect when served with spicy Asian cuisines or simply enjoyed on its own on a warm day. While it is widely grown throughout Australia, the Hunter Valley consistently produce some of the best examples of this variety.

As far as dry white wines are concerned, Chardonnay is the way to go. It's the crowd-pleaser of white wines and a full-bodied option that completes any Spring evening and a delicious pairing for your cheese and charcuterie board.

As a tangy, dry white wine that is perfectly light and fresh with fruity flavours such as pear, apple and melon, Pinot Gris is a warmer weather wine through and through and can be paired with various food options with ease.

A glass of Sparkling Wine is always appropriate, regardless of the time of year. But with the arrival of Spring, a glass of bubbly feels almost mandatory. The wine's temperature and the bubbles themselves make it a refreshing, cooling beverage, and its high acidity makes it ideally suited to lighter foods such as ham, salad, chilled soup and a variety of seafood.

Contrary to popular belief, you can sip reds even after Winter has come and gone, so don't shelve your reds just yet. Many red wines have qualities that are wonderful in the warmer weather, lighter, with lower alcohol levels, higher acidity and subtle tannins. Chilled red wines can also be outstanding on a warm day.

Rosé is undeniably the first choice for many wine lovers when the weather starts to warm up, and it can be found everywhere – especially when seafood such as tuna or swordfish are on the menu. Thanks to its adaptability, you can pair Rosé with just about any food you can imagine and the perfect partner to barbecued prawns, Moreton Bay bugs and

eggplant skewers and spicy dishes.

Pinot Noir is without a doubt the first go-to red wine on a warm day and superb with duck, salmon, lamb, pork, mushrooms, cured meats and charcuterie, as well as a range of seafood. While these wines don't need to be too cold, keep them in a wine cellar or refrigerator to ensure the best taste.

Easy drinking, fresh and vibrant, Grenache is one of the more seasonable varieties and is very ‘on-trend’ at the moment. Best served with wood-fired pizza, olives and a warm night, Grenache is a wine very much reflective of the Mediterranean climate in which it originates. This Spring, make sure you try something new – perhaps a variety you have never tried before. No matter where you are, with good wine, good food and in the company of some of your favourite people - you just can't go wrong.

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