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Mega Creatures has been Extended!

Kids are in for a treat this school holidays with the return of Mega Creatures to Hunter Valley Gardens from 19 September - now extended until 18 October!

Venture into the Gardens and stumble across a spectacular display of giants that will thrill both parents and children alike! Mega Creatures showcases some of Australia’s largest animatronic bugs, dinosaurs and dragons, getting you up close and personal with a great variety of enormous insects and roaring monsters.

This year’s new attractions will be the exciting new giant Brachiosaurus, flying Pterosaur and Woolly Mammoth! There’s a Giant Dino Egg to find somewhere in the Gardens each day, and the lucky person that discovers it will win a family pass to Christmas Lights Spectacular and a toy dinosaur.

Mega Creatures provides the perfect photo opportunity to take a selfie alongside some of the world’s most ancient predators.

The giant Pterosaur will take over the sky, while Woolly Mammoths and Sabre-Toothed Tigers will bring a blast of the Ice Age to the Hunter Valley (hopefully without the sub-zero temperatures!). The tall and friendly Brachiosaurus will be joined by the terrifying T-Rex, the monstrous Triceratops, fire-breathing dragons and more.

For all the little thrill seekers, the famous Carousel ride, and, for the first time, the brand new Tea Cup ride will be operating, with tickets available at the ride control booth.

To add even more excitement to the mix, download the Mega Creatures Trail app, which includes GPS located dinosaurs, fun facts, photo challenges and a dinosaur specific quiz. Maps will also be available for anyone not wishing to use the app.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, Mega Creatures will be held across two sessions per day; morning 8am–12.30pm and afternoon 1.30pm–6.30pm. Rides will be operating 30 minutes after the start and finishing 30 minutes before the end of each session.

Tickets are limited per session, so book online now to avoid disappointment at



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