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  • Di von Essen

Sharing Joy at Gigi & Chix

If you love the idea of watching the world go by in a Parisian café, nibbling on treats that only the French can create, then you need to visit the authentically French patisserie, Gigi & Chix BonBon in the Hunter Valley Gardens.


Here you'll discover flavours that are most definitely European, and you'll also find owner and pastry-creator-extraordinaire Angela Joy Mason.

1. Hi Angela! Gigi & Chix Bonbon has been operating in the Hunter Valley for almost two years now – what have you found the most challenging part of running your business, and what have you learned from those challenges?

Running any business brings its own set of challenges. We went through two cycles of COVID lockdowns and spent many sleepless nights trying to find ways to stay open. We are grateful to all our loyal clientele; they kept us afloat and continue supporting us as we grow together. I owe them a big thank you for their unwavering support.

2. You continually implement new ideas and experiences for diners – where do you get your ideas from?

Listening. We have a loyal clientele who aren't shy to share their ideas- it's just a matter of listening to them. I decide which ideas are worth trying out, and the rest l sort of shelve just in case. Once we commit to a new idea, we trial it and fine-tune it as we go. It's easy to come up with ideas, but it takes discipline, follow-through and consistency to implement them.

3. We see you have just added breakfast to your already delicious menu - what is your favourite breakfast dish?

The Breakfast Board (olive drizzled toast, eggs, ham, avocado, pesto and fetta) is a crowd pick, but the African Beans are my personal favourite.

4. Gigi & Chix Bonbon has become known as 'the' place to go for High Tea, and we notice that you are now running more events. What events are coming up, and how should visitors stay in touch?

We are proud of our team and the hard work they continue to put in. We have a Father's Day High Tea, Halloween and Melbourne cup being hosted at our spot. For more details on how to book, please visit our website and socials (Facebook & Instagram).



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