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Wonderous Wall Hangings by Feather Drops

A passion for crafting and a desire to create a better work-life balance was all it took for Rutherford mother Jessica Atkins to make the leap into running her own small business.

Since August last year, Jessica has been channelling her passion into Feather Drops, handcrafting a growing range of gorgeous macrame décor pieces.

“I started Feather Drops in August 2019, so I am still very new to the small business world,” Jessica said.

“I started my macrame business because I wanted to stay home with my daughter and not have to go back to a 9-5 job.”

From wonderous wall hangings and one-of-a-kind shelves to pretty and practical plant hangers with plenty of boho chic, Jessica has knotted and tied her way to a satisfying and successful career change.

“I have been making macrame for just over a year now,” she said.

“My dream all started with making a wall hanging for myself. Friends then began giving me lots of compliments and asking for me to make them a piece... As a macrame artist, there are different items that can be made, from wall hangings, plant hangers, shelves and even flowers.

“Depending on the size of the macrame, it can take from 1.5 hours to three or four days to create each one.”

Jessica is always experimenting with new techniques and designs and incorporates not just different shapes but various colours of cotton into her gorgeous handmade products.

“I try to create new and fun things that you can use around the house, such as photo frames and shelves but with character and a boho design,” she said.

“Using different shaped designs and drawing them out, I play with ideas on paper and then recreate that into my real life macrame.

“I have a few favourites, which include feathers in my designs, but my real favourite is called Iris, which is named after my late Grandma.”

Jessica has been selling her Feather Drops designs at the Handmade in the Hunter Markets since October 2019, although this has taken a back seat in recent time as a result of COVID-19.

Despite her recent break from market life, Jessica is forging ahead creating stunning new additions to her range, including a new series of animals and night-time inspired items including stars and moons, which she can’t wait to release in coming months just in time for Christmas.

There will be plenty of new treasure to discover at upcoming Handmade in the Hunter Markets, which will be held at Kevin Sobels Wines from 9am to 3pm on October 17, 24 and 31, as well as every Saturday in November. For more details, visit



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