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Buy Local for an uber-delicious Easter!

Easter is one of those rare times in a year where you can eat as much chocolate as you can without the fear of friends giving you that judgy, sideways glance.


With the Easter Weekend almost upon us, shops are stocking their shelves with Easter eggs, bunnies and bilbies and people across Australia are getting ready to tuck into chocolate treats. But have you ever wondered why we eat chocolate eggs at Easter or where to find the best egg? (Hint: it’s local!)

While the chocolate Easter egg is a relatively new tradition, the Easter egg's origin and many more modern-day Easter symbols, such as the Easter bunny, go back a very long way and pre-date Christianity.

Throughout the ages, decorated eggs were often given as presents around Easter time, symbolising rebirth and new life. Eggs were usually boiled and decorated with dyes until French and German chocolatiers started producing edible chocolate eggs. Early chocolate eggs were filled with sugared almonds until John Cadbury cracked the recipe for making moulded, hollow eggs in 1875.

The launch in 1905 of the famous Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate made a tremendous contribution to the Easter egg market. This new kind of chocolate's popularity vastly increased sales of Easter eggs and today the Easter egg market is predominantly milk chocolate.

Expert chocolatier Peter Carpenter from Hunter Valley Chocolates creates scrumptious handmade Easter eggs from the freshest of ingredients and says we shouldn’t buy our eggs from the supermarket if we want something unique and uber-delicious.

Hunter Valley Chocolates have a full range of Easter chocolates, including bunnies, bilbies, eggs, unique blown painted eggs filled with chocolate, candy-coated sugar eggs with chocolate inside, and hampers made to order.

Visit Hunter Valley Chocolates and buy your Easter-treats direct from the factory this Easter at Twenty-3-Twenty, 2320 Broke Rd, Pokolbin or online at



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