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The Festival of Two Palettes

Stephen Jesic at his Easel

At the Festival of Two Palettes, you can See Paint sliding over a canvas, transforming into an image of beauty right before your eyes.


Your opportunity to buy good art, is on this weekend, when fourteen of Australia’s finest landscape, marine, wildlife & still life artists meet at Morpeth Gallery for the Festival of Two Palettes, Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th March 2022. Free Entry 10am – 5pm

At the Festival of Two Palettes in Morpeth you’ll find plenty of blue skies, pink sunrises, fiery orange sunsets and the silvery glow of the full moon in a night sky along with stunning paintings of wildlife.

Fourteen artists will be painting at their easels, so you may learn from the masters. The life of an artist is often a solitary one, painting alone in a studio, or outside in a paddock… This is why every artist will be delighted to chat to you about their techniques, the subjects they love to paint and recent achievements in the art world.

Many of them will be painting at their easels, and it’s fascinating to watch them at work. Each artist has donated a miniature painting that will be given away through a series of draws, held throughout the weekend. Morpeth Gourmet Foods will have the food palette covered with plenty of delicious sweet and savoury products for tasting made with love by Beerenberg. Free Entry 10am – 5pm.

Last year Stephen Jesic from Brisbane, won the best wildlife painting in the world, beating 31,296 entries from 31,009 artists from 93 countries around the world, in the International Artist Competition – the most prestigious recognition for animal art from the world’s largest art organisation. Stephen will be present this year with his latest entry for this year.

These Fourteen artists have travelled from South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and all over NSW to meet with you for this special weekend at Morpeth Gallery. There are experts in landscape, still life, marine art, wildlife, botanical and portraiture art.

Each artist is highly acclaimed in their field – children’s book author/illustrators, feature illustrators for magazines such as Australian Geographic, international multi award winning, with paintings hanging for sale in galleries worldwide. Some have contracts with Australia & New Zealand’s USA, Europe and UK of the biggest producers of giftware, who use their images from paintings to manufacture mugs, placemats, tea towels and trays by the hundreds of thousands.

It truly is amazing to see them working away. Paint sliding over a canvas, transforming into an image of beauty right before your eyes.

Entertain your food palate with a special tasting of all things Balsamic, Barrel Aged & Caramelised. Balsamic infused with Raspberry, Vanilla, Fig, Pomegranate, Pepper, Passionfruit, Lime, Blackcurrant. You are bound to discover the perfect balsamic to add big flavour to all your sweet and savoury dishes – be it a salad, roast or fresh fruit dessert. Caramelised onions will also be on the tasting menu. Terrific with cheese or as an accompaniment for BBQ meats.

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